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My Heart for this Generation

As I have traveled all over North America and around the world, many wonderful people have approached me to mentor and pour into them. I have come to realize that there is a real void and a need to mentor a generation that has all but been forgotten. With much focus on church activities, evangelism and growth, the Church at large has missed the simplicity of the Gospel message as given by our Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:19, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." We are commanded to make DISCIPLES, not CONVERTS! We are called to Mentor generations! Discipleship: is laying a foundation systematically of principles and truths of the gospel for successful Christian living. Mentoring: is done after a person has been discipled on the foundations where you identity the gift and the call of God, honing the gifts, talents, ability and skills, preparing them for a Christian work of service.

I want to personally invite you to become part of this online Mentoring program! I have had the awesome privilege of mentoring men and women from all walks of life in business, sports, leadership, five-fold ministry, and spiritual giftings! I know God is opening up this season for me to be able to share something personal, relevant, and real with you! So, step into a season of teaching, impartation, and activation with The Elisha Project, and let's take this journey together.

Whatever your needs for discipling are, the Elisha Project can meet them.  Please click here to obtain more information on the Elisha Project and how we can come along side and help you.

Dr. Russ Moyer

You can get specialized training on prophecy, the gifts of the Spirit, divine healing, deliverance, intercession, leadership, church government, and marketplace ministry. These are intense specialized training seminars for end time ministry. Or perhaps you can attend School of the Prophets that we hold each summer. SOP is nine days of intense training, demonstrations and activations into your prophetic gifting. Literally hundreds and hundreds have been activated into the prophetic during that week at Summer Camp in Copetown, Ontario.

Maybe you're entering your Office gifting now and you need to join one of our mentoring groups for emerging Prophets. Maybe travel, time, or other logistics won't allow you the opportunity to take advantage of these options.  We have established  the Elisha online  program just for you! This program is online, interactive, personalised mentoring!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Elisha Project differ from SMTC?

Spirit Ministries Training Centre (SMTC) is our daily and online bible school where students take courses to work toward a one-year Certificate or two-year Diploma. The Elisha Project is a personal online mentoring/discipleship program to help strengthen your Christian walk that focuses not just teaching, but real discipleship and mentoring.


How long do I have access to the course?

Online students are given four months to complete each theme they sign up for. You will be able to view the video teachings as often as you like within this four months time frame.

What do I have access to by joining the Elisha Project?

You will be able to conveniently choose programs that suit your interests and giftings. During the four month period, you can access and view the material according to your schedule. Included with each program are special notes for certain programs, personal mentoring communication through your online portal and bonus audio and video teachings.


What course are available for me to take online?

The Elisha Project presently offers seven different course themes. From Foundations of Discipleship to Marketplace Ministry, you can see all the themes by clicking here.

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