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Welcome to the Elisha ProjectSpecialized Mentoring

Most of us are being drawn to discipleship, but don't have the time or availability or opportunity to lay everything down, set everything aside and leave home.  We cannot always quit a job for two or three years.  Many of us were in that very same situation. With the Elisha Project, we have various options available for you that can be customized to meet you where you are at.

Our heart at Eagle Worldwide is to disciple, mentor, and raise up this next generation of leaders. The Elisha Project is one of the key ways we are reaching out by providing the necessary relevant specialed training to equip the saints for the work of the Ministry. The "Elisha Project" comprises both this Elisha Project website that is a mentoring resource for individualized discipleship and Spirit Ministries Training Centre (SMTC), our Bible School located in Hamilton, ON. If you have the time and opportunity, you can attend our full time Bible school and participate in a typical classroom setting. If you know Bible School is for you but you can't leave everything to attend, SMTC also offers many courses you can take online and do from the comfort of your own home.

Or perhaps the program that would work for you would be some evening or weekend specialized seminars at some of our remote locations in Canada and the United States at the School of the Spirit. You can get specialized training on prophecy, the gifts of the Spirit, divine healing, deliverance, intercession, leadership, church government, and marketplace ministry. These are intense specialized training seminars for end time ministry. Or perhaps you can attend School of the Prophets that we hold each summer. SOP is nine days of intense training, demonstrations and activations into your prophetic gifting. Literally hundreds and hundreds have been activated into the prophetic during that week at Summer Camp in Copetown, Ontario.

Maybe you're entering your Office gifting now and you need to join one of our mentoring groups for emerging Prophets. Maybe travel, time, or other logistics won't allow you the opportunity to take advantage of these options.  We have established  the Elisha online  program just for you! This program is online, interactive, personalised mentoring!

Whatever your needs for discipling are, the Elisha Project can meet them.  Please click here to obtain more information on the Elisha Project and how we can come along side and help you.

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